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Thank you for visiting my website. I have been practicing law for over 40 years, concentrating in all phases of commercial real estate. I operate through my own law firm, Charles Applebaum Esq. LLC. I also have affiliations with other real estate professionals which enable me to offer other beneficial services to clients. When you review the various categories describing my practice, you will be able to discern how I can be of service to you.I do not proceed with any matter until there is a meaningful discussion with the potential client and a review of underlying issues and documents to see if an attorney-client relationship is beneficial and appropriate. This discussion and review is without charge and is designed to help both me and you to evaluate a potential engagement. I also consult with The Zipp & Tannenbaum, LLC law firm and with Vision Real Estate Partners, a major developer in the state of New Jersey . Kindly review the information contained in this website and visit the Contact page for further information. Thank you.